Days Since Last HS Fandom Accident
Faygo - A Homestuck Horror Story



So I went to a Homestuck meetup in the area. I was cosplaying as Four Cords Nepeta while my Boyfriend was cosplaying as his own version of Human Equius. There were really good cosplays there. My boyfriend and I kept to ourselves since we really didn’t know anyone that was there other than a John who I’ve seen once or twice before at other meetups. For the first couple hours everything went good.

Until about 1 or 2ish. A fully painted Karkat and Sollux and a Roxy (There cosplays were not really the best and horns looked really bad. and was painted with what looked like really dark grey acrylic paint and the roxy was really nice looking she just didn’t have a wig) Walked up. We haven’t seen them before. They weren’t random people because they knew the quirks of the characters very well. The Karkat and Sollux were also both guys. My boyfriend didn’t feel to comfortable with them around me. So we tried to keep to ourselves. But it  wasn’t long before the Roxy went back to her car coming back with a bottle of Faygo. It was already opened and some was gone, like they were drinking some on the way.

It wasn’t Faygo. The drink contained Flunitrazepam. A hypnotic drug used for date rape . Nobody knew this at first. The Roxy, Karkat, and Sollux left after the bottle was open saying they had a birthday to get to or something. I did end up drinking the “Faygo” buy my boyfriend didn’t because he cant drink carbonized drinks. I ended up passing out awaking in the hospital next to the other Homestucks that were drugged as well. (14/16)

The Roxy Karkat and Sollux were never caught.

I don’t think i’m ever cosplaying Nepeta ever again. My boyfriend is worried sick and now brings our own drinks to every meetup. I’m so lucky my Boyfriend Can’t drink it. 

Some people are really stupid. 

Please Reblog. I want these people caught! 

As a note, this story has not yet been confirmed as true or untrue, but stay on your toes nonetheless.

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